Ananda Gaorii Ashram and Farm

A Growing Project

Ananda Gaorii Master Unit (retreat center and organic farm) itself is steadily developing. We have talented young volunteers, we are making good progress in our veggie garden and forest garden and we will have completed a major section of our new roof and room renovations by the time you arrive. We’ll also have new tiles in the dining room and most of the first floor.  


Ananda Gaori has a combination of rooms, dormitories and grassy fields for camping . Most of the rooms have double bunk beds while the dormitories have mattresses on the floor. Participants should bring their own sheets, sleeping bag, etc. Those who need more privacy and peace (and loud snorers) are encouraged to bring their own tent and camp (Note: We will set up some of Ananda Gaorii’s tents and make a limited number available for participants). Be sure to register early if you want to have a choice of accommodation. 

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