This year’s program will be divided into four categories (or streams). 

The Coming Storm

A contextualization of the current state of the world. The rise of the far-right, inequality, climate change and the so-called post-truth society are mere symptoms of a deeper systemic crisis that engulfs all aspects of modern life. An ever greater chorus of voices, intellectuals and activists,  recognize the urgency of bringing capitalism down. We will endeavour to understand why it is so pertinent and discuss the growing reactive movements that are trying to make it happen. Emphasis will be given to developing critical thinking skills, with workshops and panel discussions where participants will have the opportunity to take part in a lively interaction on global political trends.


What is sustainability? What can be considered a sustainable system? Our opening plenary will present a stark analysis of our environmental reality that threatens life on earth. We will discuss how our current paradigm and way of thinking about climate change may be contributing to the worsening of problems, instead of bringing forth solutions. Special attention will be given to highlight solutions and how to implement them.

The Alternative Economy
An opportunity to showcase and discuss diverse but convergent paths that can lead towards the implementation of Prout. In these sessions, our presenters will bring forth ideas, perspectives, and movements that are cutting edge in terms of economic thought and action, agricultural policy, and much more.

Moving Forward

We do not need to
re-invent the wheel; there is a myriad of significant movements that are already striving to make Prout and Proutist ideas reach the public domain. These sessions will provide a unique opportunity to understand the nature of progressive movements and how they are making an impact on current affairs. We will bring speakers from different movements together, draw important lessons and explore further how cooperation can lead to greater success. 

As P.R. Sarkar, the propounder of Prout, urged, “Unite the moralists”.

The program will include practical, hands-on workshops and panel discussions and  at the end of each stream, as well as ongoing World Cafe, art performances and more Let’s build this revolution joyfully together!