Final Program

The Committee decided the session times having in mind the global character of the convention.
There will be two sessions each day, each for two hours.
Session I: 12h to 14h UTC+2.
Session II: 15:30 to 17:30 UTC+2.
Ananda Gaorii is going to stream Kiirtan from 05h to 08h UTC+2 and collective sadhana, including dharma shastra, from 17:30 to 19h, for those who wish to attend. The local prout conventions may have their own sadhana schedule.
We will also have a cultural program organized by Didi Ananda Gunamrita and Alesha. Everyday from 20h to 20:30.

Regarding sessions, here follows a brief description, follow the links below to get a full description of the sessions and facilitators:

The 20th is the arrival day, for those who are organizing a full local prout convention.

On the 21st will be the 1st day of sessions:
    The 1st session will be the Opening Ceremony by the Prout Global team (1h), followed by a workshop on Discerning Propaganda: Knowing What Is True by Satya (1h).
    The 2nd session will be Minimum Guarantee of 5 Fundamentals Needs with SucharitSumatiDada DhyaneshanandaNirmala and Omprakash facilitating.

The 22nd:
    Session I on Liberation of intellect and Prout on Earth by Dada Lokeshananda.
    Session II on The Sound of a Revolution by Dada Dharmavratananda.

     Session I: Developing Cooperative Spirit with Didi Ananda DevapriyaVishva ShantiGiullia Galera and  Elena Badeanschi.
     Session II: The Future of Europe: Disintegration or a New, Decentralized Union by Edvard Mogstad and Roar Bjonnes.

    Session I:  Monetary Policy Rooted in Ecology by Govinda.
    Session II: Driving Social Change with Nirmal and Chris.
    Night Program: Interbeing Documentary by Nirmala.

    Session I: Daily Proutist News Magazine by Dada Madhuvidyananda.
    Session II: Tools to Change the World with Ac. Devanistha and Prakash.

26th in the morning we are gonna have a closing ceremony, sharing projects arround the world, highlights of the Convention and follow up actions.