PROUT Convention

What is the Prout Convention?

The Prout Convention combines three events: 1. A spiritual retreat, 2. A learning and networking event for social and environmental activists (specifically Proutists), and 3. A cultural gathering with talented participants sharing dance, music, stories and entertainment.  The word “Prout” is an acronym for  “Progressive Utilization Theory”. Prout is an alternative social and economic model based on the worldview that all of creation – animals, plants, humans and even matter itself, are moving together towards higher consciousness. We are members of one family on a common journey.  This is a spiritual worldview with strong social, economic and environmental implications. These implications are explored, expressed and promoted through the Prout Convention and Prout activities around the world.

The main theme of the 2017 Convention is:

Global Threats and Progressive Responses – Coordinated Cooperation in the Fight Against Inequality, Misinformation and Exclusion

What are the greatest threats currently hindering human society from flourishing on the global level? Right wing fascist politics, religious fundamentalism, fake news and misinformation, resurging public sexism and ongoing gender-based violence, or climate change and the destruction of our environment, or potential nuclear war?

Truly progressive answers to these threats will have to come from a totally different paradigm, one of working together in inclusive relationships without any form of subordination: Coordinated Cooperation!

What is Coordinated Cooperation, and what tools can you use to experience/realise it in your day-to-day life? How does it feel when everyone in a project is equally valued, and nobody is made to feel inferior or superior? What would it look like if your organisation, business, local council or even government worked on the basis of coordinated cooperation?

Capitalism, racism, sexism, fascism, specieism, religious superiority etc. can only exist and thrive through practices of subordinated cooperation according to gender, ethnicity, religion and economic status. Join us in exploring the practices and tools of coordinated cooperation, and get inspiration for how you can change the world around you through a different, progressive way of understanding and establishing relationships – interpersonal, social, economic and political.

The future is cooperative and inclusive!


Global Prout Planning Summit

The Prout Convention will be followed by the Global Prout Planning Summit from July 23 – 28, for those who are highly motivated to work for Prout – to make Prout much more widely known, and to help practically implement its principles, policies and vision as far as possible. This program will immediately follow the Prout Convention (17-23 July). The Summit will open 23 July evening, and close 28 July late afternoon or evening. 

For more details please contact:

Dada Mahaprajinananda:



Spirituality and Creativity

Kiirtan (chanting) and meditation are at the core of the convention. Four sessions of kiirtan and meditation every day (beginning with 3 hours akhanda kiirtan) and two sessions of yoga asana practice create a strong spiritual flow. For those who love chanting, every retreat brings the opportunity to learn new melodies and hear old melodies played in a new way. Spiritual talks from teachers and experienced practitioners bring insight and inspiration and the evening cultural get-togethers offer a warm-hearted opportunity to enjoy the performances of our talented international family.

For the Whole Family

There will be a complete child care program in the children’s tent and the enclosed children’s area with activities aimed at developing their sense of connectedness with all life and their own inner greatness and beauty. Trips to the nearby beach and forest will be offered along with special programs for teenagers. And we have ponies and horses for the kids to ride too. The kittens have grown up and we have three  young cats who are irresistibly cute.

Tasty Vegetarian Food and Fresh Bread from Our Bakery

At Ananda Gaorii we follow a yoga vegetarian diet which emphasizes vegetarian foods which are good for the body and calming for the mind. This excludes some items like coffee, tea, onions, garlic and mushrooms which have a negative impact on concentration and mental clarity. This year Dada Marmadevananda will be cooking for us. Dada has a passion for cooking and loads of experience preparing tasty dishes for large numbers of people at retreats and festivals. So you can look forward to some good food. Most of our meals are vegan but, on the occassions where items contain dairy we will prepare a vegan alternative. You can specify your dietary preferences when you fill out the registration form. Ananda Gaorii also has its own organic bakery so we have a daily supply of fresh baked bread including many gluten free items. Cakes are also supplied to the Ananda Cafe where you can buy snacks, teas, cakes and sundries during the free time and breaks.