Tools to Change the World

Tools to Change the World is an dynamic new Study Circle that dynamically educates both Proutists and the public in Prout ideas.

Tools Study Circles can be offered online or in-person in any language and in any place in the world. They follow a 10-week, interactive format exploring activist issues. Circles are run democratically – members take turns leading different sections of each 2+ hour meeting.

In the first half-hour of this Tools to Change the World workshop, we will invite members of Tools Study Circles to share their experiences and stories. Everyone is welcome to join the group for this.

This followed by a 1 1/2 hour interactive introduction to Tools to Change the World. The workshop will help participants start their own Tools Study Circles online or in-person in their own language and communities, and introduce them to the multi-language Tools website that will support their Circles.