ProuT Global strategic Planning summit

 July 26 – 28 at Ananda Gaorii

“To bring about a major change, fight is inevitable…The people then decide, after deep thought, what the main problems confronting society are, and then make necessary preparations to solve those problems. Once they are prepared, they can attain success very quickly…”  – A’nanda Vacana’mrtam, Part VII

This is to reach out to all who are highly motivated to work for Prout – to make Prout much more widely known, and to help practically implement its principles, policies and vision as far as possible. This program will immediately follow the Prout Convention (26 – 30 July). The Summit will open 26 July evening, and close 30 July late afternoon or evening.

 Brief Outline of the Forum: 

Day One: Introductions, discussion of strategy to introduce Prout throughout the world.

Day Two: Continuation of Prout strategic planning

Day Three: Break into working groups: Publications, PR, Internet, Projects, Networking, Conferences, etc.

Day Four: Continue in working groups

Day Five: Short presentations by working groups, a look at internal communication and internal events & conferences (including the PROUT convention and other), summary, close.

Who Should Attend: YOU! 

All who are ready to plan and actively implement a more coherent strategy of renewed and sustained efforts to introduce Prout; develop on-line and multimedia resources; write and publish articles, books and position papers; organize conferences, movements, study circles, coops, etc.

 What to Bring: 

Sleeping bag, toiletries, torch, clothes for (mostly) warm weather, pen and paper/notebook, laptop (if you have one), a willing open mind.


Please Note:

  • Efforts will be made to share live proceedings via Skype and on-line streaming to facilitate long-distance participation for those who cannot attend.
  • Registration details and other related updates will be sent very soon and periodically between now and the Summit.
  • Please do not post this on Facebook or websites, etc. but please forward it personally to others you know who will be keenly interested and actively involved – and please let us know who they are too! Thank you.  

For more details please contact: 

Dada Mahaprajinananda: mahaprajinananda@prout-global.ort