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Prout Space

A very popular aspect of last year’s Prout Convention was the informal interactions and networking of Proutists that happened in-between the scheduled sessions. This was a great opportunity for our global community to come closer together, get to know each other better and share experiences and perspectives. So we’ve not only planned for that again but are dedicating our ProutSpace Zoom link specifically for this purpose!

The same link will also be used for any Open Space programs that will be scheduled.

 PLEASE NOTE: The link will be available only when no officially scheduled Convention sessions are being held.

Open Space


July 22 12:00 UTC: Dhruva (Italy) Peoples of the European Union Let’s unite! Samaj of the European Union create a network.

 This is an invitation and an appeal that we make to all the Margii and Proutists of the European Union. In Europe, according to the program of socio-economic Units desired and accepted by Baba, there are at least one Samaj per country belonging to the European Community. These movements should propose and implement socio-economic self-sufficiency for each country in order to do that, let’s create a Europe of Human and Neo-Humanistic rights. We create a network of contacts and knowledge among all of us to help each other carry out this great project to establish Prout that we inherited from Baba. The first objective of this meeting will be: let’s get to know each other!

July23 12:00 UTC: Tapan Kumar (Italy)  Elements to create social unity (in Samaj work).

 Unity in the society is the only way to implement programmes within a samaj. We will explore the best approaches according to Prout views, to create social unity, in every country amidst political, ethnic and cultural divisions. What are the socio-economic policies that will give samaj the recognition from all sides of social fabric?   * How to trash the political divisions inherited from French revolution and inaugurate a new era of socio-economic perspectives. What is the Prout antithesis to the current ideas that Samaj movement could choose? We will explore some ideas.

July 24 12:00 UTC: Brahmamaya (Spain)  Madhu Baba
Our project name is Madhu Baba, located in the south of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Spain)
It will be a center dedicated to education with holistic and sustainable projects. Conferences, trainings, retreats, conventions …, will be held in Madhu Baba. A place where people can enjoy quiet spaces and where they can regain peace of mind with healthy food, contact with nature, natural therapies to improve health and Yoga and meditation practices

July 25 12:00 UTC: Arun (Finland) Prout in social media: Let’s be active

Social media is powerful and easy, so let’s see how we can utilize it better and in a more organized way. Get your computer and phone ready and workshop with others what are good approaches and how we can help each other around the world.
If you are interested to join the workshop or even if you for some reason can’t be there but would like to network around this topic, please fill the following Google form: