Call for Contributions-01

Prout Convention 2019 – Call for Contributions


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Namaskar! We hope this finds you well and happy.  This letter is to invite contributions in the form of workshops, activities and presentations at the upcoming Prout Convention 2019 from July 20-25 at Ananda Gaorii in Denmark. The theme for this year is

“Don’t Panic – Tools for Stormy Times”

We chose this theme because recent developments such as the collapse of nuclear treaties, the growing power of China and Russia, Brexit, Yellow Vests, AI, Trump, unprecedented national debt and the ever-growing manifestations of climate change are enough to register a degree of alarm even in the average citizen. Stormy times (literally) are upon us and you don’t have to be an analyst to get the feeling that our normal way of life could soon be seriously disrupted. We could panic, we could bury our heads in the sand but what is needed is to prepare. For the Prout Convention therefore, we are asking for presentations, workshops and activities that:

1.      Clarify and adapt our Proutistic vision in the light of changing circumstances

2.      Clarify the implications of current developments and available responses

3.      Give us practical tools for playing a useful role in dealing with these crises

4.      Give us practical tools for increasing the resilience of ourselves, our communities and our networks

5.      Give us practical ways to engage ourselves in bringing Prout to the public

Kindly send us the title and a short summary of your proposed contribution by email to no later than March 30. Please mention which of the above five points you are trying to address and state why you think your contribution is relevant. Your proposal will be acknowledged immediately and reviewed by the Prout Convention Planning Committee consisting of Ramesh from the USA, Mainjurii from Brazil, Samkalpa from Portugal, Maheshvara from Portugal, Nirmal from Malta and Dadas Krsnasevananda and Mahaprajinananda. We will let you know whether your proposed contribution can be included in the Prout Convention as soon as possible and not later than the end of April.

We are also requesting artists, musicians and theatrical performers to offer songs, skits and art relevant to the theme. We welcome old or new material and we would like to include short artistic interludes in between the workshops to vary the flow.

There have been many requests for a less densely packed program so not all proposals may be accepted.

Prout is appealing to more and more people who are not Margiis and we consider this development to be very positive and necessary. In order to accommodate these people it is the desire of those actively working in Prout to make the Prout Convention more inclusive and open to people who may or may not wish to ‘join’ Ananda Marga or do our meditation specifically. As such we wish to gradually make the Prout Convention less like an Ananda Marga devotional retreat and more like an event for spiritually minded activists. We will have great kiirtans and deep meditations but the style of decoration and spiritual talks will be arranged with new people in mind. Considering the urgency of the times we hope Margiis can embrace these changes.  

Thank you for your participation.

Warm regards,

Prout Convention Planning Team.