Final Program

The theme of this year’s convention, Compost Capitalism!, is an appropriate metaphor for the demise of capitalism’s all-pervading dominance in our lives. Just as in the compost bin where millions of microbes, mesofauna and fungi break down rigid organic matter into fertile soil, billions of people on our planet need to take action to break down capitalism’s invasive hold on each of our lives.

Session 1


Looking through metaphorical glasses at capitalism’s demise in the compost bin:

The first session of each day after an introduction will be guided active participatory discussions on the convention on the theme of the day. The discussions will focus on two questions.  The first question is about reflection of our personal experiences.  The answers to the second question are in the category of  What If… What can we imagine….Let the imagination run free….The imagination provokes action.

Cognitive Primers – The discussion facilitators

Dada Maheshvarananda

Project presentations – Session 2


Additional programming