2020 program

Final Program

The Committee decided the session times having in mind the global character of the convention.
There will be two sessions each day, each for two hours.
Session I: 12h to 14h UTC+2.
Session II: 15:30 to 17:30 UTC+2.
Ananda Gaorii is going to stream Kiirtan from 05h to 08h UTC+2 and collective sadhana, including dharma shastra, from 17:30 to 19h, for those who wish to attend. The local prout conventions may have their own sadhana schedule.

We will also have a cultural program organized by Didi Ananda Gunamrita and Alesha. Everyday from 20h to 20:30.

Regarding sessions, here follows a brief description, follow the links below to get a full description of the sessions and facilitators:

The 20th is the arrival day, for those who are organizing a full local prout convention.

On the 21st will be the 1st day of sessions:
    The 1st session will be the Opening Ceremony by the Prout Global team (1h), followed by a workshop on Discerning Propaganda: Knowing What Is True by Satya (1h).
    The 2nd session will be Minimum Guarantee of 5 Fundamentals Needs with SucharitSumatiDada DhyaneshanandaNirmala and Omprakash facilitating.

The 22nd:
    Session I on Liberation of intellect and Prout on Earth by Dada Lokeshananda.

    Session II on The Sound of a Revolution by Dada Dharmavratananda.

     Session I: Developing Cooperative Spirit with Didi Ananda DevapriyaVishva ShantiGiullia Galera and  Elena Badeanschi.

     Session II: The Future of Europe: Disintegration or a New, Decentralized Union by Edvard Mogstad and Roar Bjonnes.

    Session I:  Monetary Policy Rooted in Ecology by Govinda.

    Session II: Driving Social Change with Nirmal and Chris.
    Night Program: Interbeing Documentary by Nirmala.

    Session I: Daily Proutist News Magazine by Dada Madhuvidyananda.

    Session II: Tools to Change the World with Ac. Devanistha and Prakash.

26th in the morning we are gonna have a closing ceremony, sharing projects arround the world, highlights of the Convention and follow up actions.