Prout Convention

Embracing the spirit of coordinated cooperation, this year’s Prout Convention will happen in a decentralised fashion. Rather than having everyone gather in Denmark as we have done in previous years, we are requesting people to gather at their local jagrti or space during the dates of the Convention and connect across the globe online.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for Proutists to realise P R Sarkar’s vision and bring it to life on this planet. Where there is crisis, there lies opportunity. P R Sarkar has laid out a plan for us, but expects us to do our share of the work. Let us unite and build one society under the flag of dharma.

Workshops will be held via conference calls and each region can have one account connected to the call (unless you are isolated, then of course you can connect individually). This will help keep discussion alive and healthy with groups of people interacting more at a local level. From this year on, the Prout Convention team is making an effort to create real and effective projects on the ground, and this can only be realised through a collective approach.

We urge all local bhukti pradhanas or people willing to help coordinate our effort to contact us so we can discuss further guidelines on how we can organise this Convention effectively.


The PROUT Convention committee