Compost Capitalism!

Using the positive metaphor of the ecological process of composting, which breaks down waste turning it into nutrient rich productive soil, at this convention we plan to expand the metaphorical outlook to include social and economic issues. Understanding that the use of metaphors is often more attractive, more understandable and mire memorable than bare facts or general policy statements, we plan to engage convention participants in creating images that can easily be understood as well as being catching and educative to proutists and a wider general public.  At the same time, it will engage the participants by broadening their active understanding of the Prout message by understanding it through metaphors.
For example, (“Let’s build rock fences around our local economy to keep out unwanted intruders such as surveillance capitalism and corporate greed.”) instead of (“Create a decentralized economy and local self-sufficiency.”) The first is more action provoking and leads us to the question. “What are those rock fences we need to build around our local economy?  And what has P.R. Sarkar said about protecting the local economy”

We will utilize the theme of the convention, Compost Capitalism!, to draw parallels between natures ability to break down organic matter in the earth’s natural compost process and the need for breaking down capitalism.  To do this we need to get familiar with some of those actors in nature’s composting process such as those listed below.  On the other hand, we also need to prepare ourselves for the convention by making a list, for ourselves, of how capitalism infects four aspects of our lives: Our economy, Our social lives, Our environment and Our spiritual lives or world view.

The time frames for this will be one session daily in metaphor machines, (Some would call it break out rooms.) producing new ways of dealing with one of the four topics:   1. Regrow our economy.  2. Regenerate our Earth.  3. Reclaim our communities.  4. Revitalize our spirit. 

This year’s convention, online, will be active sessions with all convention participants actively engaged in the process.  As a guide to preparation here are a few of the millions of  actors in the Compost process. How do their actions breaking down organic and even inorganic matter compare to our actions to break down capitalism.

  • fungi
  • microbes
  • actinomycetes
  • invertebrates, centipedes, woodlice, snails and slugs,
  • mesofauna (creatures smaller than 2mm) include springtails, mites, nematodes and tardigrades,
  • microfauna – bacteria, and algae.
    As an example to inspire parallel actions in breaking down or replacing capitalism:

    Mycelium-   A fungus, the internet of the soil.
  • The immunological network of nature, the foundation of the food web influencing the health of plant and animal species resident within.
  • It networks and the two-way transfer of nutrients. 
  • Very fast growing, Source of antibiotics
  • Up to 8km in a cubic centimeter
  • Water absorption where microbes develop
  • Gathers oxilates that break down rocks
  • Breaks down pollutants, hydrocarbons

Welcome to an exciting and active Prout Convention 2021!!