Developing Cooperative Spirit

Cooperatives have a dominant place in Proutist economies. Although cooperatives today contribute a large share to our economies, they are often not a visible part of our daily lives. In the future we will experience millions more cooperatives becoming a regular encounter.

In almost all of the education systems we have today, from early childhood to University, including business schools, there is little or no mention of cooperative enterprises. Capitalism has encroached every aspect of our education systems. The cooperative spirit needs to be nurtured from early childhood. Elena Badeanschi, has years of experience in the Federazione della Cooperazione from Trentino – a region that has a very high density of cooperative enterprises cross-sectorially, and which has had to deal with problems related to the cultivation of cooperative values, both on the management level of cooperatives as well as in the general population through educational projects. Giulia Galera works at the EURICSE as a researcher on cooperatives and social enterprise in Europe. Didi Ananda Devapriya is experienced in early childhood education that develops that sense of cooperation. Ole Brekke is also an expert educator, leading interactive workshops on cooperation for years.

This workshop will explore interactively what can be done to create conditions necessary for cooperatives to develop and grow successfully. We will share the experience of cooperative movements existing in our different countries where they are now a part of everyone’s daily life. We will realize how we, as proutists, can contribute to creating the conditions for successful cooperatives.