Minimum guarantee of 5 fundamental needs

Life, including human, is resilient and can survive incredible adversity. But for a dignified human life where the individual and its collective can flourish and evolve its deeper purpose/fullest potential, P.R. Sarkar considers the following 5 basic needs to be essential: food, clothing, housing, healthcare and education. Therefore, PROUT stipulates that society must, as a minimum, guarantee these basic items to all human beings.

But how? We invite your active participation to re-imagine not only how these essential items are produced and distributed, but also the nature of what should be guaranteed.

The workshop will start with a short introduction, then branch off into each of the basic needs: food, clothing, housing, healthcare and education. Participants can decide which one of these categories they wish to dive into.

Co-facilitators: Ac. Dhyaneshananda Avt., Nirmala Hesselund, Sucharit Katyal and Omprakash Ole Eivind.