The Future of Europe: Disintegration or a New, Decentralized Union

Systems Change Alliance was formed by a group of Proutists as a platform through which progressive ideas in line with Prout can be formulated and popularized on a mass scale.  The mission of the organization is to advocate for progressive political and economic systems change first in the European Union, then in other countries, through organizing workshops and conferences; publishing articles and newsletters; conducting research and developing policy proposals.

This presentation will introduce the main features and goals of the platform as well as report on recent activities, such as the first Systems Change Alliance conference held in Lisbon, Portugal in February with nearly a dozen well known activist speakers, including world renowned, Norwegian economist Erik S. Reinert and Swedish Economics of Happiness proponent Helena Norberg Hodge.  After the presentation, people will break up into groups by countries and regions to discuss how they can get involved and to suggest strategies for involving other activists and organizations.