Avtk. Ananda Devapriya Ac.

Avtk. Ananda Devapriya Ac.

Didi Ananda Devapriya, originally from the USA, has been living and working in Romania since 2005. She is the president of two NGOs: AMURTEL Romania, which focuses on providing child-protection services to vulnerable children and the Neohumanist Education Association which is pioneering a sustainable approach to education based on nurturing an inclusive relationship with not only all people but also the entire bio-sphere. She is an internationally trainer in Neohumanist Education, meditation teacher, storyteller, author and educator.

She is one of the authors of the “Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education” Children in Permaculture manual.
She has also recently written “Every Child has an Inner Compass”, in which she did a survey of moral education and outined a Neohumanist approach to moral education of children

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